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Congratulations on Your Achievement!

17.gif (924 bytes)  The Mary Baird $250 Scholarship
     Ursula Johnson

17.gif (924 bytes)  The Marion Gauger $75 Scholarship
     Elizabeth Gordon



Don't Let Money Stand Between You and Higher Education!

There are hundreds on scholarships, grants and loan programs available to help you pay for college expenses!  The Scholarship Bulletin Board is located on the wall in the entrance way into the Campus Center.  The bulletin board is updated weekly with new scholarship information.

  1. Do financial planning well in advance of the school year, and research sources of financial aid.

  2. Apply for financial aid as soon as possible.

  3. Be complete, accurate, print or type legible on all forms, include all necessary signatures.  Follow the directions to the letter, as "directions not being followed" is many times grounds for elimination.

  4. Be aware of deadlines for applications and beat them - a great deal of financial aid is first-come, first served.

  5. Keep copies of all of your materials.  The same information will be repeated on many of the applications you fill out, so keep a copy of an old application handy for reference.



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Search various sites:

17.gif (1653 bytes)  College Board Online:  www.collegeboard.org

17.gif (1653 bytes)  CollegeNET:  www.collegenet.com

17.gif (1653 bytes)  CollegeXpress:  www.collegeXpress.com

17.gif (1653 bytes)  Embark:  www.embark.com

17.gif (1653 bytes)  fastWEB:  www.fastweb.com

17.gif (1653 bytes)  FinAid: www.finaid.com

17.gif (1653 bytes)  FreSch!:  www.freschinfo.com

17.gif (1653 bytes)  GoCollege:   www.gocollege.com

17.gif (1653 bytes)  Minority On-Line Information Service:   www.fie.com/molis.scholar.htm

17.gif (1653 bytes)  Sallie Mae:  www.search.cashe.com

17.gif (1653 bytes)  Scholarship Page:  www.scholarship-page.com

17.gif (1653 bytes)  Scholarship Resource Network Express:   www.srnexpress.com

17.gif (1653 bytes)  U.S. News and World Report:  www.usnews.com/usnews/home.html


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