Issue #1 - Motion Poetry

In September 2010, Tim Samoff and Sandra Hunter met to discuss how the graphics department and the workshop poets might work together on a project that could be shown at the Read, a poetry reading series held on campus. Tim suggested that his graphics students work with the workshop poets, one on one, to realize a visualization of each poem. They decided to set the final Read, in November, for the show. The workshop poets and graphics students were introduced to each other at a poetry workshop in September. Afterward, each artist took the written versions of the poems and came up with several ideas for creating visual representations that could support the poets' work. The finished short films were given to the poets so that they could practice reading their poems live as the films played behind them.

On November 18th, the project was shown to a large, enthusiastic audience. Some students commented that they hadn't realized what a difference animation could make to a poem. Others said they enjoyed the poems more because of the animation. The final consensus of the poets: let's do it again in the Spring!

But, that's not where this project ended. While the poets were rehearsing for the Read event, Tim Samoff passed the films off to Nathan Bowen's Introduction to Music Technology class. Nathan's students were given the task of creating musical compositions for each film resulting in completed pieces that included voice-over, animation, and music.

These three collaborations then culminated in the first edition of this online publication, created by Svetlana Kasalovic's Web Design class.