Speech Department

Speech Courses


        Moorpark College is proud to have one of the finest Speech Departments of any community college in the country.   With its outstanding faculty, diverse course offerings, and outstanding forensics program, students majoring in Speech communication are assured of receiving the highest quality education.

        The Speech Department also maintains strong articulation agreements with C.S.U., U.C., and most local colleges such as Pepperdine and U.S.C., so the transfer process should be as smooth as possible.   Interdisciplinary study is also stressed so students majoring in Speech can still take full advantage of other opportunities on campus including: Athletics, Radio/TV, and Theatre, etc...

Full Time Faculty

Part Time Faculty

Charlene Arnold

Ben Bates

Stephen Doyle

Marjorie Berg

Jill McCall

Brian Davis

Rolland C. Petrello

Michael Leach

Cal Liedtke

Drew Lobenstein
Harish Rao
Marty Taras

Amy Wagner