Moorpark Review Online - 2017

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Welcome to the Online Edition of the Moorpark Review- Creative Arts Magazine!

The Moorpark Review Online is, like its physical counterpart, a place for worthy creative work to be held up for all to see. However, unlike the physical edition, it is a place where the staff can experiment as well. Taking advantage of the opportunity presented by a reopening of submissions and a reassessment of older works, the staff of the Moorpark Review Online decided to create a themed work. We wished to see if through guidelines and curation, we could create something that would feel varied but still maintain a sense of cohesion. After some discussion, we agreed that “Walls” was a well-suited theme. Politically of course, walls are in the news in 2017, but we wanted to encompass more than that. In the concept of walls we saw the opportunity for emotional and interpersonal divides, internal divides, and social divides. We saw something that would both inform and shape the works in our publication, and something that was suitably fluid. All entries for publication were examined with this theme in mind, as well as our usual careful assessment for quality, and we think that the result is something quite remarkable. With that, the staff of the Moorpark Review Online is proud to present the 2017 edition. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Elijah Boyd-Plamondon, Editor, Moorpark Review Online

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