Moorpark Review 2016 - The Works

© Daniel Pinto

Waiting for the Rope to Break - Sophie Zepf
Archibald Allan Armisted - Julian Bailinson
Varicose - Samson Rosan
Shiver'd, Held Under Key (Varicose III) - Samson Rosan
We're not a tragic love story - Marina Jasmine Simms
Tempus budget - Patrick Mooney
MOVING STARS - Patrick Mooney
Untitled Poem - Sarah Kaplan
Inkling - Shannon Gordon
Pipe Dream - Serena Aburahma
The crows beg me to wake - Haylee Victoria Chavanne
Jupiter's Son - Nora Simone Ornstein
Inseparable - Samson Rosan
Islands in the Sky - Andrew Tegley
Photo Set - Daniel Pinto
Majesty In the Distance - Sam Ballard
Follow Your Dreams - Tara O'Gorman
Short Stories
In the Valley - Nora Simone Ornstein
Soul Station- A play in One Act - Stefan James
This Time - Kollin Cooley
Too Many Teeth - Sheryl Barbera
Dimming Space - Nicholas Moreno
Spoken Word
Vicious - Ruth Christopher
A Prayer for the World - Ruth Christopher
The Suburbs - Brianna Carlson
Things that Rustle my Jimmies - Mikey
The Wall - Mikey
Dreamers - Nathan
Don't Bury Your Sorrows - Nathan
Publicatio Party
Publication Party Photos and Video - May 13, 2016