Moorpark Review 2015 - The Works

Some Sort of Poison
Two Days Contigo - Password: filmfreeway
Dear Reader - Password: Moorpark
Appetentia - Patrick Mooney
Haiku #4 - Benjamin Joel Marcovitz
Lingua Franca - Patrick Mooney
DTLA: Portrait 4 - Monica Gutierrez
City of Angels - Amy DeLuca
Trapped by Addiction - Philip Rosales
Blue Daze - Amy Carla Nelson
Gone - Jared Alexander Evans
The Girl with the Jellyfish Hair - Emily Chavez
Babylon of the Aquarian - Jared Alexander Evans
Fuck Cancer - Philip Rosales
Dance in the Fountain - Jared Alexander Evans
Flippin' Sweet - Tara O'Gorman
Short Stories
Sunday Evening in the Garden - Jeff Boatwright
Whose Line - Brienne Flaherty
The Difference Between Us - Jennifer McClellan