Moorpark Review 2013 - Visual Art

Erika Manalansan
Erika Manalansan has always been interested in pursuing her love of art. It's only been recently that she decided to change careers. After 16 successful years of massage therapy, she has chosen Art Therapy to be her next chapter. She is hoping to teach children and adults to express their feelings and emotions through art, and experience the relaxation and enlightenment that she enjoys when being creative.
Adrian Lawson Carcione
The Transit of Venus
Sami Begloo

No Name
Shannon Duggan
Shannon was born in Colorado and raised in California. She has been working in yarn since 2011 and it's become her favorite medium. "Aldeth the Accursed" is part of a continuing exploration of creating mythical creatures with yarn. He is also the first piece where she has used hand-spun yarn which gave his clothing a nice texture.
Shannon Duggan
Aldeth the Accursed 1
Aldeth the Accursed 2
Aldeth the Accursed 3
Aldeth the Accursed 4
Alison McPherson
Bio: Alison is currently a student at Moorpark College on the verge of transferring. In her free time, Alison likes to frequent museums, eat excessive amounts of Mexican food and sushi (not simultaneously), and spend time with her spirit animal: the cat. Originally from Southern California, she intends to spend next semester studying English and anthropology at Mills College. Alison McPhersons
Dark Dirty Night