Moorpark Review Online - 2013

© Adrian Lawson Carcione

Welcome to the Online Edition of the Moorpark Review- Creative Arts Magazine!

The Moorpark Review was founded in 1998 by the students and faculty of Moorpark College as a way to celebrate the talent and passion that this community has for both literature and the arts. This website features the literature, poetry, art and even some music and readings that the editorial staff of the Moorpark Review selected for the 2013 school year. While this Online Edition acts as a companion for the print edition, this year we decided to try something a little different and created a theme for those who wished to submit for this year. The theme was for people to submit works that were somehow weird, abnormal, or challenged reality. The stranger the better! We received many works, thoroughly enjoyed all of them, and are proud of those which made it to the final edition! So without further ado, enjoy the works presented, be sure to grab a copy of the Print Edition from the Moorpark Bookstore, and thank you for your interest in this wonderful program!

- Zach Schillace (Online Editor) and Kaleigh Tuso (Assistant Online Editor)