Moorpark Review 2013 - Fiction

Jaymie Collins
Bio: Jaymie Collins is an emerging writer, critical thinker, and avid reader. Her dedication to school and dream of pursuing a career in education will continue beyond the walls of Moorpark College when she transfers to Central Michigan University in the fall. She wants to thank her family and friends, and all of the people that helped her to make Charms the story that it is today. Without their influence, her motivation may never have reached the level it needed to be at to actually finish the story.
Jaymie Collins
Sarah D. LaGioia
Michel Doidic
Bio: Michel Doidic Michel is a French native who immigrated to the US in 1981, and has lived since then in Southern California with his wife and four children. He has worked for more than 40 years as an engineer in the electronic musical instruments industry. His love of the absurd is probably a form of antidote to his engineering career. He enjoys seeking the bizarre by drawing cartoons, producing animation shorts, and writing stories. Besides renewing his interest in writing, Moorpark College classes have given him the opportunity to find new material in various disciplines from astronomy, to German, Chinese, Biology, and many more unexpected subjects. Trying to find something humorous in every day is one of his favorite activities. .
Michel Doidics
The Suit
Heidi Dreiling
Ice World
Jared Carvalho
Bio: Jared is a twenty-one year old, soon-to-be starving writer. Currently he is studying at CSUN, but before transferring there he spent time at Moorpark College. He worked on the Moorpark Review for two years and has used what he learned from his time there to try bettering his writing. “Try” being the operative word here. He also thinks he is funny, which he finds ironic considering he often writes tragedies
Jared Carvalho
Cassandra Olivas
Bio: Cassandra is19 year old English major. Her goals are to both teach abroad and write. Recently diagnosed with anxiety, depression and a learning disability, writing allowed her to transform restless thoughts into creatures, strange characters and different worlds, to create stories of fantasy and imagination. She want to help people through her words and stories. At the very least Cassandra is content that those who stumble upon them can escape reality for a few moments. Her favorite food is Nutella
Cassandra Olivas
Alison McPherson
Bio: Alison is currently a student at Moorpark College on the verge of transferring. In her free time, Alison likes to frequent museums, eat excessive amounts of Mexican food and sushi (not simultaneously), and spend time with her spirit animal: the cat. Originally from Southern California, she intends to spend next semester studying English and anthropology at Mills College. Alison McPhersons
Two Baby Chicks