Moorpark Review 2012 - Literature

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Natalie Smith
Say My Name,Bitch!
Carol Anne Malone

Carol wrote her first short story at the age of sixteen. In her first go 'round with college, she wrote poetry-barely passable poetry. She tried short fiction after college, then met and married her husband, Tim. Raising her son, Mike, became her full-time passion. She didn't write again until in 2008 when she and Tim entered college a second time and took English classes from Professors Leeman and Schulz at Moorpark. She says her creative muse smacked her upside the head and what spilled out was six romantic manuscripts in one year. "The Garden" is her first serious piece. Writing fills a need Carol she says can't get satiated in any other way-like extended breathing. She believes there's truth to the saying: "publish or die." Carol hopes to live and bathe in her creative juices for many years.
The Garden
Tim Malone
Tim is a California native and longtime advocate of the Community College system. He has been strengthening his writing skills over the past few years through Moorpark's English department. The youngest in a large family, Tim grew up without television but with a mother who taught him to love reading. Science fiction was a passion during high school that turned to technical reading for a career in computer support. A deep interest in astronomy and end-of-the-world type movies led to a desire to try his hand at disaster fiction. A Day in the Sun is Tim's first attempt at setting the stage for Red Sky, a novel about a close encounter between earth and another planet. Tim is married, has one adult son and lives in Camarillo with Carol, also an aspiring writer.
A Day in The Sun
Amy Rudberg
Amy Rudberg is a 21-year-old California native. She first put pen to paper in middle school and has since never looked back. Though her current loves are science fiction and fantasy, she would never say no to reading or writing any genre at least once. She has also dabbled in photography, comics, and animation. This is her final semester at Moorpark College before she transfers to a four-year university.
Kaelyn Curran
Encantador de Serpintes
Ian Silva
Ian Silva was born in San Antonio, Texas, and lived in various cities and countries before settling down in California. He is currently finishing his final semester at Moorpark College. In the fall, he plans to transfer to a UC school to major in classical languages.
Towards a Coincidence of Opposites
After Basho
Upon Resuming the Study of Classical Latin
A Sundown
Neiges d'Antan
Thoughts for a Coming Winter
A Sundown
Rachel Lynn Herbert
Boom Boom Cherry Rock and Roll
Morgan Hochberg
Morgan was born and raised in southern California. A passionate reader, she always appreciates a good story, no matter the genre. She can't stand e-books, and vows to never buy an e-reader because they cannot match the intimacy of reading a bound paper-and-ink novel. An English major, she is currently pursuing her education and aims to have a career as a teacher.
My Gum Man
Maya Bornstein
Your Tender Feelings vs. this Poem
Belinda Mark
Easy Money
Theresa Robertson
Daughter, sister, (single) mother, and grandmother are all titles Theresa currently holds. Now she is proud to add published author to the list. Theresa is one of eleven kids, all born and raised in southern California. Having married straight out of high school and raising six kids of her own, Theresa never had the opportunity to go to college. Presently, at age 52, she finds herself among classmates [and professors] young enough to be her kids. But that won’t deter her; she is hoping to be accepted to the Rad Tech program. But secretly, she wants to be a writer.
Katey Dager