The Weight of WaterNancy-Jean Pément


Rainy days are made

for quiet company

the companionship of evergreens

and darkened granite

that invent mountains

in the distance


In the air

the weight of water

makes everything moist

leaf and tendril

unfurl downward

almost kissing

the wet chocolate earth

grateful for a place to grow


Humidity quenches

thirsts of all kinds

speaks the language of small things

coaxes curls from your hair


We spend the afternoon

in the deep kiss

of entanglement

limbs indistinguishable

like tightly-tatted fibers

we reconcile with the showers

happy to be inside


We know the truth

about love

it is furious

like the perfect storm


Sometimes it lingers

calm and steady

and like all living things

needs to be nourished to grow