Breath of MoonlightBrynn Cook


In my favorite dream,

My very favorite one,

You and I are walking together again, along the pier

Hand in hand, eyes shining orbs

Reflecting the moon--the sun’s great egg.

Pearly and luminous, it hangs so low and ripe,

It might fall out of its diamond-tipped nest

And slip noiseless into the gentle obsidian waves.

It is so close tonight, we could follow the pier

To a silver rope ladder

Climb up to the moon, and live on its pear-flesh shell.

I press into you,

Against strange wonder of the night

Your hair as long as shadows, whispering across my face.

Wordlessly, we gaze into that endless

Shifting desert of black sand edged with silver.

We leap into that fluctuating stillness

That separation of stars and reflections.

But in my dream, I am not fearless for you,

And I lie

As I jerk back my hand.

I watch you in your moment of glory

My heels softening into the planks.

In my dream, there’s only one splash

As you break through the water’s glassy surface


I crawl to the edge

And watch you glide further and further

Until night and water pull a dark curtain

Over your face.

I wait for your last breath,

And pluck the pearl-like bubbles from the water

Each one a shivering silver enigma,

A little moon in my palm.

Enticed, I press the scintillating droplets to my lips

And inhale.