Between the Currents – Kyle Matthew Lefton


My mind is swimming in the currents,

            while my body is its anchor.

The green river pulses with energy,

            Promising the secrets of eternity.

To just be free in that water and float down stream,

            joining the harmonious hum of the dead.

This flesh weighs more than expected.

            The captain of this vessel grows weary.

“It’s only a matter of time until we set sail,”

            the smoke from the tugboat spewed out its hate.

Pounding from the shores, the natives are restless,

            unwilling to part with the precious cargo.

“Full speed ahead,” the captain barked aloud.

            The fabric tore like a blanket of drenched tissues,

the snap was heard from across the room.


His mind had been set free to roam the waters of Styx,

            the body sat like an emptied peanut shell,

while the world was left to wither somewhere between.