Welcome to the 2011 edition of The Moorpark Review Online.
Here you will find a compilation of creative work that is my pleasure to present to you.
The artists hail from Moorpark College (current enrollees and alumni), and a few from beyond our borders, linking us to a broader community.

Please, take your time. Relax, and enjoy yourself. Linger. In the air, the idea of transcendence; how we uplift ourselves;
how we may search for a ladder; how we might prefer the solidity of the ground. There is no need to look--it will surely find you.

Here you will experience short fiction, poetry, and visual art, along with our music anthology from featured artists Phil and Judy Crescenzo.
Look for a special section of contributors also found in the printed edition of The Moorpark Review, as well as a spoken-word poetry playlist excerpted from its pages.
And don't miss an in-depth interview with our featured poet, Nancy Pément.

I thank you for stopping to explore our little world.
If you enjoy yourself, please, pass it on, and join us here; share the fruits of your creativity.
Let's grow our roots deeply and offer the future a shaded spot for world-weary souls to recharge. A place to inspire and be inspired.

With Love and Light,
Leila Bejanpour