Moorpark Review 2008 - Works

Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. -- Jerry Garcia.
Thanks to my parents and my lovely lover for always believing in me.
Friendship (printed edition only)
Karen Scutti
I am a displaced New Yorker residing in homes all over the world.
Fence Guy Sits Down
Insomnia (printed edition only)
Matters of Grave Importance (printed edition only)
Nicole Barischoff
Nicci Barischoff is a third year student at Moorpark.
She will be transferring to UCSD in the fall.
The Importance of Absolutely Nothing
Sonnet (printed edition only)
Douglas Austin
The Beast and the Black Crow
To the Deli (printed edition only)
Cigarette (printed edition only)
Chores (printed edition only)
David Schimpff
Full name: David Alan Schimpff
Graduated in: 2007
Current location: Unknown.
If you have any information leading to my whereabouts...Good for you!
Starving Kids in China
Jason Atherton
Mary Verleur
Mary Verleur is originally from the Chicago area, and currently resides in Moorpark, CA where she writes and is involved in several literary projects. She was a 2007 Pen Center USA Emerging Voices semi-finalist and is the Moorpark, CA representative for Poetry Out Loud. Her short stories and poetry have been published in California magazines and literary journals, including the 2007 and 2008 editions of the Moorpark Review, and the 2008 Best-Of Moorpark Review ten-year anniversary edition (poetry).
Give Me A God
Blue (printed edition only)
New You (printed edition only)
Erica Lee Hyska
I'm a completely independent artist and musician. I am eager to experience the world and learn to love it even through all of the troubles I have faced. The advice I give to myself is to stop resisting. Stop resisting yourself and life flows. I'm not one to write a bio because not everything can be expressed through words.
Everything That Leads Up To It
Acidic Afternoon
Woodworking (printed edition only)
Infinite Silence (printed edition only)
Sharks (printed edition only)
Windows (Into the Wild) (printed edition only)
Morgan O'Grady
I am a short little redhead, who enjoys being silly.
I Am Your Midlife Crisis
Hart Schulz
Lost in the Woods
You Me and Our Search for Bigfoot
Supremacist Colorny (printed edition only)
If the Whole World were Oceans What Would Happen to Butterflies (printed edition only)
Green (printed edition only)
Important Building Series #23 (printed edition only)
Danielle Comacho
There is potential to see beauty in everything; beauty knows not age, or substance, or any discriminating standards. Danielle finds inspiration in the extraordinary qualities of the ordinary world around us. About "Where Do They Go": "I was observing the crowds in Central Park on a Sunday morning when this photographic opportunity presented itself, born of my curiosity. I wondered about the hurried lives of all these faceless forms, and how often their destination is or isn't worth the rush."~D.C
Where Do They Go
By The River (printed edition only)
Remains (printed edition only)
Lisa Stark
Lisa has been a professional wife and mother for the past twenty-six years. As her two daughters completed their college educations and her son was beginning his own college search, she realized that like football players and ballerinas, motherhood as a profession is by its very nature, short-lived. So, not wanting to be the least educated member of her family, Lisa returned to school. Next fall, she will be an Ada Comstock Scholar at Smith College in Massachusetts and will continue with her education until her future grandchildren can call her "Dr. Grandma."
I Do Not Mourn The Day
Kelly Schulte
Ciscandra Nostalghia
(Alter)cation Ego (printed edition only)
Jonathan Castillo
Paint Ball Guns in a Row
Nuts and Bolts (printed edition only)
Oily Water on Asphalt (printed edition only)
Justin Rezvani
In my photos I capture a moment of Love.
"In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love." -Mother Teresa
I Love Photography, I Love Life, I Love all that make the world a better place. God is Love
The Lake Front
Daily Confusions
Lake Front Bliss (printed edition only)
Tara Collins
Art has always been a huge part of my life. I have been drawing since the second I could hold a writing utensil but it never gave me the crisp detail and perfection that I was looking for. However I started learning about photography four years ago and fell in love with it. Photography is not only a hobby but also a passion. My style is based on capturing things in life as they happen. I believe that there is a difference between a posed, possibly fake, smile and a smile that is caught in a pure state of happiness. I took the Utah Euphoria photograph at Lake Powell. When I was there everything around me was beautiful. A landscape that was pure and full of vivid colors. I was stunned and knew I had to photograph it. I take photographs to capture that perfect moment so I can share it with others, because those emotional smiles and perfect sunsets never last forever.
Utah Euphoria