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"This is not a [web site] to be tossed aside lightly, it should be thrown aside with great force."
Dorothy Parker

Back in Dorothy Parker's day, a web site was where a spider lay in wait for lunch. Those web sites were not to be tossed aside lightly-no-nor thrown aside with great force, neither, because they'd only stick to your fingers and you'd have to go find a napkin to wipe them off. Then you could toss or throw the napkin aside as you saw fit, but in the trash can, please; we won't have you littering.

Of course, Ms. Parker didn't actually suggest tossing web sites about; she was discussing a novel. The unadulterated quote worked fine for the print version of our magazine-go buy one and fling it around all you want-but things change here in cyberspace. Many of the contents of the online edition of Moorpark Review, which you hold here in your hot little computer monitor, are exclusive to this site. So read, browse, enjoy. We hope these works will please you, thrill you, perhaps even inspire you to contribute to next year's edition (hint, hint). However, if they infuriate you, and inspire you instead to throw your computer aside with great force, don't come crying to us. We've gone out for pizza.

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