David Birchman  -  Biography unavailable at this time.

Karin Foreman  -  Growing up in Europe, traveling was embedded in my ancestry.  From early childhood on, I was fortunate to have sojourned to many foreign places.  My interests today are in capturing special occasions, nature, and wildlife.  I especially enjoy the process of waiting in the great outdoors for wildlife to make their appearance.  The whole experience of exploring different continents and cultures, and returning home with treasured moments caught on film is very rewarding to me.

Born in the dark heart of Los Angeles, Elizabeth Kidd developed a passion for exploring strange new worlds at a tender age.  Specializing is superheroes, space ships, and spells, she hopes to one day be counted among such giants as Heinlein, McCaffrey, and Gaiman.

W.J. Little  -  I am 20 years old and have been tattooing professionally for the past two years and plan to continue tattooing for a very long time; eventually opening my own shop.

Kirsten Lobetta grew up in London, England until she was sixteen, and has lived in California for the past three years.  She describes herself as an ambitious multitasker--an elaborate name for a type of person who isnt quite sure what they want to do yet and so tries out everything.  She enjoys studying at Moorpark, where her interest in photography has grown, thanks to the intriguing instructor Professor John Gray.  Her plans for the future are not yet mapped out, but she has every intention of having a lot of fun finding her way.  She would like to say thanks to Ryan, Matthew, Daryl, Brandon, and Jessica.

Jerry Mansfield I'm from East Tennessee, where men are men and sushi is something you put on the end of a fishhook. Growing up poor (my folks couldn't afford to have normal kids) taught me a lot, most of which I forgot during my teen years. For instance, for 14 years I forgot that I liked to write and didn't remember until age 31 when I went back to school. And now I'm a bona fide member of the intelligentsia. What a great country.

The life of Mike Mcloren revolves around art.  It is my concise focus and accepted gift.  I plan to specialize in political satire.  I like to attach a message also known as content so my views get more than visuals.  In my spare time I enjoy dancing, stretching, breathing, lifing and giving love--to myself and others.   Best wishes for you and I. Remember:  do not try and its ok to cry.

Amber Norwood is 23, living, working and writing in LA.  She goes to school in Moorpark, however, because she thinks driving is zen.  When she grows up, shed like to be a superhero, a rock star or a pirate.

Moorpark Review Online, Spring 2001.