the other side...

by Jeremy DiPaolo

to my son,
or my daughter,
I never knew you were
on the way.
when I found out,
it was too late.
it's funny, kind of
the things in everyday life...
we pass right by.
the perfection in nature's 
the beauty in broken things.
for instance, 
today it rained.
and I found myself in the midst
and mist
of my day
with nowhere particular to be.
so I wandered 
and wandered
and wandered.
people talked to me,
I don't remember what they said,
and then,
I came upon a rose...
it was dead,
like you,
but still had color,
pink, yellow, lavender,
but the most captivating part
of this now extinct plant
was how perfectly
the rain beaded up 
on the petals.
death captures life, 
and makes life...
and so it is hard for me
to imagine you.
as it must be for your mother:
the land you were born and died on.
because I have always heard the stories
from the female
the pain, 
but now I realize
what it is like 
to be on

the other side.