So It Goes

by Melanie Baghdassanims

So it goes
I noticed a girl walk in
She sat down and sighed
"I am having a bad day," she said to her friend next to her
"Oh," said her friend
"Have you ever had those days when everything is a mess?" she 
asked her.
"Don't forget to remind me to call Jason," her friend said as she 
put on her lipstick.
And with this I saw the sad girl reach out her slender hand
For some kind of comfort
As her so-called friend cut it off,
And watching the pain I had to say something.
"I know those days," I said to her, "Nothing goes right and it gets
worse as the day goes by, and the smallest thing makes you want
to explode, yet all of it is really nothing at all,"
I was having that kind of day
The girl was surprised to hear me talk and looked at me like I was
a stranger.
I wondered what her definition of a friend was.
And so it ends
As this one-armed girl chopped off
The arm I had reached out to her
Except I don't think anyone noticed.