Eulogy for Serenity
by Dustin Lothspiech

I hear that Serenity is dead
and I wondered what it was like
to finally close my eyes
and realize that
nothing is true
not even God
not even you.

I hear that Love has passed away
and left you standing
at its eulogy
with Byron and Keats
standing in wake of a wave that crippled the world.

I hear you scream from the inside out
and wish you could be louder
because with Serenity and Love
marching through Times Square like a Macy's Day Parade
coupled together in shiny, black coffins, 
trailed by a feathery character named Trust,
I knew that if you woke me up 
you could've brought them back too.

I hear that your make-up runs
well, I wish you would wash it off
because nothing is lovely anymore with it on.
I see tears and I know you cry,
but I wish you wouldn't - 
because between the death of their faith
and between you and me,
I think we'll survive.