The following is a list of poetry that is only available on this website.  Click on the title to read the poem.  If you wish to know more about the author of a poem, click on their name.  Some of the poem are accompanied by sound files of the author reading their poem.  Click on the icon to listen.

So It Goes  Melanie Baghdassanims

Beach Silhouettes  Beth Bernstein

Tumbleweed  Beth Bernstein  Click to hear!

Beyond Age  Jeff Brown

poemm  Jeremy Dipaolo

The Other Side  Jeremy Dipaolo

First Fuck  Wendy Grosskopf

In The Dark  Wendy Grosskopf  Click to hear!

Jeweled Decay  Elizabeth Kidd

Unmade Bed  Melanie Knypstra

Eulogy for Serenity  Dustin Lothspiech

7-11 Guy  Lindsay Michaelson

Moorpark Review Online, Spring 2001