Jeff Brown, former uptight computer programmer during the day, wild and crazy standup comic at night. Lifetime musician and writer. Author of numerous poems, essays, and Black Body Radiation and the Utraviolet Catastrophe (a novel)--a philosophical, theological, science fiction / fantasy, comedy, satire, essay. Or, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy meets Celestine Prophecy meets Gandhi.

Wendy Grosskopf works as a training specialist and technical writer for a rich and conservative health insurance company. She is the current editor for Moorpark Review. She lives in Ventura County with two fat cats and her husband, a big-headed Wolf.

Melanie Knypstra's is still in shock that anyone would like anything she wrote. She will be receiving her A.A. from Moorpark College in May 2001 and hopes to continue on to UCLA next fall pursuing a degree in English after which she hopes to punish herself for her hard work by becoming a high school English teacher. She currently resides in Simi Valley with her dog, Sammy, and her talking bird, Eleanor.

My name is Dustin Lothspeich and I am a self-proclaimed writer, I suppose, among other things. I have two cats. I live with my mom. I'm eighteen. I'm single. Gees, this sounds like a personal ad. Anyway, I like to write and believe that words mean nothing it's the way you put them together. Hopefully I put together a poem that means something. Thanks for reading. You can e-mail me at

Julia Wysong loves to read, write, draw, and laugh.  She's currently working on her degree in English, and hopes to become a High School English teacher.

Moorpark Review Online, Spring 2001.