Spring 2014
CIS-16 Class Schedule


DateReadMaterial To Be CoveredLabwork
Jan 6-10Chapter 1Administration; Computers and YouCreate MyITlab account
Jan 13-17Chapter 5Application Software
Microsoft Office
Start Word Processing Project
Jan 21-24Chapter 4System SoftwareContinue Word Processing Project
Jan 27-31Chapter 3Input/Output and StorageWord Proc. Project Due 1/31 noon
Feb 3-7NoneExam #1 (Ch. 1, 3, 4, 5). Spreadsheets and GraphicsStart Spreadsheet Project
Feb 10-13Chapter 2Inside the System UnitContinue Spreadsheet Project
Feb 17-21NoneStudent week offLab Closed to students
Feb 24-28Chapter 6The Internet and WWWSpreadsheet Project Due 2/28 noon
Mar 3-7Chapter 7NetworksStart Presentation Graphics Project
Mar 10-14Chapter 8Exam #2 (Ch. 2, 6, 7 & Spreadsheets). Wired and WirelessContinue Presentation Graphics Project
Mar 17-21Chapter 9 & 10Privacy, Crime and Security & CareersPres. Graphics Project Due 3/21 noon
Mar 24-28Chapter 12Databases and Information Systems.
Paper Topic Due, name added to turnitin.com
Start Database Project
Mar 31-Apr 4NoneSpring BreakLab closed
Apr 7-11Chapter 11Exam #3 (Ch. 8, 9, 10, 12). Programming LanguagesContinue Database Project
Apr 14-18Chapters 13Visual Basic and Systems AnalysisDatabase Project Due 4/18 noon
Apr 21-25Chapter 14Enterprise Computing
Draft Bibliography Due to turnitin before class
Start Visual Basic Project per handout
Download Files Needed
Apr 28-May 2NoneExam #4, (Ch. 11, 13, 14, VB lab)
All Papers Due. Oral Reports begin
Visual Basic Project Due in class
May 5-9NoneOral ReportsLab Final on MyITlab available
May 12NoneOral ReportsMyITlab final due 5/12 5pm
May 13-19NoneFINALS WEEK starts TuesdayLAB CLOSED

My Final is on _____________________ at _________________

Students with disabilities, whether physical, attention related, learning, or psychological, who believe that they may need accommodations in this class, are encouraged to contact ACCESS as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. Authorization is based on verification of disability and is required before any special accommodations can be made. The phone number for ACCESS is (805) 378-1461 and they are located in the LMC building.



TEXTS: LaBerta, Computers are Your Future Complete, 12th ed.; Grauer & Barber, Office 2010; MyITLab. (These 3 items are available as a shrink-wrapped set in the bookstore.)

OTHER MATERIALS: A USB drive with at least 1GB should be purchased for storing data files. Keep all files created even after lab work has been turned in. The files needed for the lab can be downloaded from the library computers or the Grauer website. If using your own computer it will need an internet connection.

COMPUTER LAB: Each class has an additional 3 hours for online labwork. The labwork can be completed with correctly configured computers. The required labwork can be accomplished on a Windows PC or compatible with an internet connection or on the college computers. The lab, with instructor support is available by prior arrangement only. Please note that the Open Access Library upper floor computers are available at other times to complete work but there is only instructor support by prior arrangement. Labwork is to be completed and turned in to your instructor by completion from the internet exercises. The website for the list of exercises due is located at www.myitlab.com. To login to the website you will need a working e-mail address, course id number (found on D2L), college zip code (93021), and access code which is part of your book package. There is additional information on the labwork by going to the online course material.


GRADING: Five Packages of Lab Problems involving Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation Graphics, Microcomputer Database Management, and the Programming Language Visual BASIC. Each is worth 55 points and a lab final worth 25 points for a total of 300 points (15 point penalty, per week, per package if late; the fifth package will not be accepted after its due date). With the exception of the VB lab, these labs are done through MyITLab and will be graded from the website. Students should complete one chapter per week.

One Written Paper, approximately 2000 words, double-spaced, PLUS a bibliography with at least four current (within the last five years) sources (books, papers, articles, or internet sites). You are required to submit the typed topic a week before Exam #3 for approval. The draft bibliography is due on turnitin one week before the research paper is due. The completed report is due the week of Exam #4. The report will be handed into instructor as well as submitted to turnitin.com. The topic must be approved and produced using a word processor using spell Check. The report topic should relate to current computer issues, in an area which personally interests you--such as sports, medicine, engineering, etc. No history papers. Value 100 points, but reports missing the bibliography (works sited) will not be accepted.

One Oral Presentation; i.e., an INFORMAL discussion of your written paper (3 to 5 minutes) with Presentation slides so that others can share the results of your research and so that you can break the ice in the making of this type presentation which are so common in the business world. Do NOT read your report. Value 100 points.

Four exams at 75 points each, 300 points total. Makeups will be allowed ONLY until the next exam is given; ONLY one exam may be delayed and made up with your instructor at an arranged time. Any student receiving less than 56 points on an exam must see their instructor during office time.

Final exam at 200 points and will be administered on the date and time scheduled by the college.

Participation 50 points maximum. Considered only after student reaches 700 points on all other work and completing the lab final. According to the college policy, if you miss more than two weeks of classes, you may be dropped from the course administratively. If you want to drop the course, take steps to do so on your own; the instructor is not responsible for dropping you.

FINAL GRADE: Total of 900 or over = A; 800-899 = B; 700-799 = C; 600-699 = D

Copying or Cheating: Please note any papers or labwork that look alike by the instructor will both be given the grade of zero.

Revised 3/12/14

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