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 America's Teaching Zoo - EATM Information

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Exotic Animal Training and Management Program

One of my specialities is the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program.  If you would like information about this unique program, read the information on the pages below.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Read through all these pages below.  Many of our admission requirements have changed in the past few months !!!!!

Information about the EATM Program --- Admission Requirements

This will give you some of the requirements for admission into the program, and other information.

If you want to print out an EATM application, go to this link......
Application for the EATM Program

Also, look at these pages.....

Frequently Asked Questions  - about the EATM Program.

Other Animal Programs in the U.S.    - a partial listing...

 Adopt an Animal      Adopt an Animal at America's Teaching Zoo

 ATZ Gear    Order Clothing and other items from America's Teaching Zoo

Wish List      Want to help our Animals?  Click here to find out how !!

Below are some links to EATM photo pages I have created.  These may take a few seconds to load, so be patient!  Enjoy.    (New photos added 12/01)

    Class of 2002 Photos    (new page created 12/01)

   Class of 2001 photos    (new photos added 6/18/01)

    More Class of 2001 Photos  (new page created 7/7/00)

   Even more Class of 2001 photos     (graduation day - new page created 6/18/01)

    Spring Spectacular 2000       (new page created 3/31/00)

   New Animal photos      (new photos added 6/18/01)

   EATM on TV       (Students and Animals doing Movie/TV work on set.)

 EATM - Class of 2000 photos

 EATM - more Class of 2000 photos

EATM - Class of 1999 photos

 EATM - more Class of 1999 photos

 EATM Staff photos

EATM Reunion and group photos

   More Alumni Photos   (new photos added 12/01)

 Alumni photos - what some alums are doing now   (new photos added 5/6/01)

 EATM Field Trips

Spring Spectacular 1999 photos

EATM Christmas Party 1998

Class of 1998 photos

Spring Spectacular 1998 photos

    Cute Animal Photos      (new photos added 6/19/01 ... + see the bouncing sheep!)

 Education - EATM Alumni at other Colleges

    Job Opportunities   (This page is hidden - for EATM graduates only !)
                                                                (Contact Chuck for special access to this job board)
                                                                        New jobs added May 2002   +  Many Animal job links...

The links below will take you directly to other EATM sites.

Course Descriptions for EATM -- Class Descriptions

EATM's Online Zoo -- photos

Taj, the Bengal Tiger at EATM, resting in the arena.

Below are some links to other interesting Animal Information sites......

 California Hawking Club

Sea World - Busch Gardens

Exotic Animals: Care and Conservation Resource Site

Ark Animals

Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures

International Marine Animal Trainers Association -- IMATA

International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators -- IAATE

 American Association of Zoo Veterinarians -- AAZV

 American Association of Zoo Keepers -- AAZK
(A very good listing of jobs is available at this site)

 American Zoo and Aquarium Association -- AZA
(More good job listings)

Friends of the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program

Zoo-To-You-- A Wildlife Education Company

Hot Links !!!

Here are a few links that I enjoy, and that you may find interesting !!

Want to know more about UCLA? Look at their home page!   UCLA Home Page

Need to search the Web? Do a Yahoo search here.   Yahoo - Search Engine

Another good search engine I like -  Dogpile

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I have been diving many places in the world, am a NAUI  and PADI Scuba Instructor, and here are some interesting Scuba-related links.

Divers Alert Network

Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine - Get a free e-mail account here!

Outdoor Adventures

Anytime, Anywhere

These pages are usually updated on a regular basis.  (Last updated 3/02)

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Nice kitty...... good kitty.........!!!!!

EATM Graduate Spotlight......
Featuring a different EATM Graduate every.... so often ... (when I get around to it).

Thorsten (class of 2001), kissing a Dolphin at work in the Caribbean.

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